I have always been intrigues with scupture using anything i could lay my hands on to create interesting forms whether it be plasticine, clays, ceramics, sticks, or wood. However several years ago i began to play around with string and a love/hate relationship began. Instead of the many string sculptures i had  seen on the internet which either used a 2D method of drawing similar to my portrait on my home page  or a mathematical complex installation, I began to work on a technique involving 3D scuplture using multiple forms and techniques, then assembling them into their final state. This process which i believe to be unique style of string sculpture I have called String Theory.  

String is a difficult medium to control which is why i say it is a love/hate relationship, some of my projects especially the larger ones have taken several months because i needed to stop and come back to them. However with preseverance, the outcome can be very satisfying.

To begin with the properties of string requires much patience and preperation is key, especially with the larger forms. When you unroll a ball of string its first intention is to curl, shrink back and lay loose when to become a sculpture it absolutely needs to do the opposite. It needs to be held in curved and straight forms tightly so needs to be glued, sections at a time, allowed time to dry before continuing otherwise the structure will give way to the mechanics of the string, and the unique texture you can see in the photo's won't be achieved